5 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Skin

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that has a lot of benefits for your skin and hair.

It is one of the most sought-after oils and has the capability of solving a lot of problems.

Instead of investing on heavy cosmetic treatments, a little amount of this oil would be able to cure just any problem that you have.

So, if you are wondering about the miraculous properties of tea tree oil massage for your skin, here they are:


  • Healthy Skin

There are a lot of problems that a tea tree oil massage can cure, leaving your skin healthy and you, happier than ever. From dark spots, pimples, blemishes, blackheads, dark spots and to whatever skin problems you have, this oil can heal them oil.

This oil is a savior in terms of getting rid of the skin problems, leaving a healthy body in return. Just dab a few drops of oil on a cotton swab and massage it properly on the affected areas. If you don’t want to use the pure oil, there are a lot of other skin care products made out of it, get your hands on them.

  • Say Goodbye to Razor Burns

We all have used a razor on our body to remove hair, and have left deeply regretting it. In the end, you are left with ingrown hair and piercing razor burns. If you have been there and done that, don’t worry! Because this isn’t a problem tea tree oil massage can’t get you rid of.

Same procedure here; take the few drops of oil and gently massage on the areas that burn.  You can dilute it in water too if you find it strong. This is definitely going to be the easiest solution to your problem. You can also make use of other essential oils for treating razor burn.

  • Cures Acne

Acne has us all worried, even after the puberty is gone. Tea Tree Oil massage is the perfectly natural way to get rid of acne without any negative effects on the skin. It fights off the acne-producing bacteria on the skin and reduces the sebum responsible for the acne.

So, just take few drops of tea tree oil, mix them with yogurt and a tbsp. of honey, and massage thoroughly into your skin. Wash after 20 minutes and see the difference. Sure, thank me later.

  • Dry Skin? No More!

If you are out there, crying over the cracks forming on your skin, LISTEN. Not only does tea tree oil end up your other skin problems, but it also cures dry skin. All you need to do is add about 5 spoons of tea tree oil to one spoon of almond oil and massage it gently onto your skin. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then take a shower, and bask over your newly glorious skin.

  • Hair fall

Look no further if extensive hair fall has you extremely stressed up. The simple answer is taking four drops of tea tree oil, and massaging them on your scalp daily. It

helps in hair growth and thickness helps in the hair growth by unblocking the follicles in the hair and nurturing them.

Don’t worry; you will see the results immediately. So, sit back and relax in a massage chair, and bid a farewell to stress.